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What is the best way to crate train my dog?

Asked a year ago

I actually dislike crate training but it has become necessary now since we are having our place renovated. My dog is often too excited and wants to be around everyone which can put him in danger so we decided to crate him for 1-2 hours per day while they work. But he is constantly whining and moaning and it breaks my heart. How can I make it easier for us both?

Jesse Daniel

Wednesday, March 29, 2023

My recommendation is placing things in your baby's crate that he likes (treats, toys) to show him that the crate is not punishment. Also on a day that you're not busy, place him in his crate, leave the home for 5 mins, then come back, let him out and give him a treat/praise. Continue to repeat this process by increasing the time. This will help him understand that, yes mom leaves, but she always returns. Playing music or the tv sometimes helps with this transition.

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