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Is it advisable to reduce my dog's calorie intake to reduce the risk of canine arthritis?

Asked a year ago

My family has owned Collie dogs for several generations, and I recently adopted one to carry on the family tradition. He has a huge appetite and will not stop eating. I want to plan for his long-term health, and I'm concerned that a high-calorie diet will increase his risk of arthritis.

Ean Carey

Friday, March 03, 2023

Keeping your collie at an ideal weight is very important to reduce the chance of arthritis along with any other health risks. The great thing about collies is that they are working dogs, so making sure they have optimal exercise is the key to keeping them at an ideal weight. As far an a high calorie diet, I would recommend you feed him a food that is meant for working dogs. I know that Purina Pro plan along with other brands create foods for dogs that are very active. These foods will make sure, your baby is receiving all nutrient that he needs, along with glucosamine in the diet to support his joint health. Also make sure you are feeding him food that is pertaining to his specific age group.

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