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Should I be concerned about fractured teeth if my dog chews on only one side of his mouth?

Asked a year ago

My Siberian husky enjoys chewing on random items around the house. He frequently gets in trouble for chewing on my girlfriend's shoes. He's nibbling on something in the house at every opportunity, including the couch. I've noticed him chewing on one side lately, and I believe something is wrong with his teeth. Could it be a fracture?

Samuel Hicks

Friday, March 03, 2023

I would recommend taking your husky to his regular veterinarian to be anesthetized for a dental cleaning with dental radiographs. At times teeth can crack underneath the gum line causing pain and discomfort. Dental radiographs are perfect for this scenario. If a tooth is fractured or needs medical attention, the veterinarian may recommend removal of the fractured tooth or if it is able to be saved, they may refer you to a veterinarian that specializes in dentistry.

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