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Does being overweight affect my dog's recovery from disease or injury?

Asked a year ago

I recently adopted a Belgian Milionis from an animal shelter near me. He wasn't well cared for by his previous owner, so I've been giving him extra calories when he feeds. He appears to have injured his leg while jumping in my backyard, and it has taken far too long to heal. I believe it is due to his weight.

Samir Patrick

Sunday, March 05, 2023

Being overweight is hard on a dog’s joints, and this is especially true for larger breeds.

If your dog was underweight when you first got him, it made sense at the time to feed larger meals. However, it’s important to adjust his portion size as he recovers. Being just 10% overweight puts a dog at risk for many health issues, including arthritis, kidney and liver disease, and even diabetes.

Consider switching to a higher-quality food or adding a supplement to his diet so your dog can get all the necessary nutrients without overeating.

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