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Should I be worried that my dog has lameness if he limps on one leg when walking?

Asked a year ago

I recently adopted a Pitbull terrier from my local dog pound, and he's created quite a buzz in the house. He's always full of energy. However, I've noticed that he's been resting much of his body weight on his right hind leg, and limps a lot. I'm concerned that he may have a problem. Could it be a case of lameness?

Coby Hull

Friday, March 03, 2023

It sounds like it could be lameness. Pitbulls or pitbull mixes are notorious for developing ACL tears, arthritis, or hip issues. The best thing I would recommend doing is take him to a veterinarian for evaluation of the leg to determine potential cause and/or radiographs of that leg. In the mean time, I would recommend crate rest (which will be hard for him, but will benefit him) until he is seen along with glucosamine (joint supplements) which can be found at your local pet store.

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