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Can excessive rubbing and squinting indicate that my dog has an eye infection?

Asked a year ago

My German shepherd enjoys playing with the kids in my backyard. We have a lovely hydrangea garden, and he frequently digs around looking for things. However, I've noticed that he's been squinting a lot lately, rubbing his eyes with his paws. I suspected it was an eye infection caused by digging in the garden.

Abel Bonner

Friday, March 03, 2023

Rubbing/squinting can indicate an possible eye infection or allergies. Notate any color of discharge coming out of the eye(s), along with other possible allergy symptoms such as; scratching, sneezing, or nasal discharge. Also if he has a tendency of digging in the garden, there is a possibility of him developing a scratch on the eye. Usually this can be diagnosed with an eye stain performed by a veterinary professional to confirm this. If there is a scratch on the eye, usually eye meds are prescribed. In the mean time, you can try giving him Benadryl every 8 to 12 hours to help with his discomfort. An accurate weight is recommended in order to give him the proper dose.

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