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Is it necessary to have a dog's fractured tooth extracted?

Asked a year ago

My dog enjoys chewing on various household items apart from her usual toys. She absolutely loves to chew and will even nibble on the couch if her toys are put away. I've noticed a small fracture on one of her teeth. Should have her tooth extracted or can it be repaired?

Toby Frye

Sunday, March 05, 2023

A chipped or fractured tooth should always be examined by a veterinarian. While not every fractured tooth needs to be extracted, if the nerve is exposed your dog will need treatment to avoid infection and lots of pain.

Smaller fractures can sometimes be sealed and smoothed and the tooth saved. If the nerve is exposed, your dog will need an extraction or a root canal. Root canals are usually only performed by veterinarian dentists and are more expensive than a simple extraction.

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