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How do I teach my dog to stay off the furniture?

Asked a year ago

We have leather couches and my dogs nails can cause scratches even when its cut short - and I cannot possibly file her nails smooth every time. We got her multiple dog beds placed around the house yet without fail she beelines for the couch. How can we convince her that her dog beds are better than our couches?

Ashley Mcbride

Wednesday, March 29, 2023

I would recommend using cues such as “off” “leave it” or “down.” When your baby jumps on the couch, use one of these cues and when she listens reward her. You can also obtain a clicker to help with this training. When you are not home, keep the couch inaccessible so she does not jump on it when you guys are around to keep things consistent. Also putting her bed near the couch may also help.

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