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How do I stop my dog from jumping on furniture?

Asked a year ago

My dog jumps on furniture all the time and its not to lie down - she jumps off and on as if it is a game. There aren't damages but we would like to discipline her with this because it can be annoying when we are trying to relax. What can I do?

Trace Dorsey

Saturday, April 01, 2023

I would recommend giving her a nice, comfy place of her own to relax in the same area of your home. If possible, take her with you to go out and purchase a bed for her. Then, when you get home, encourage your dog to lie on her bed while you sit on the floor beside her. Providing lots of love and affection when she's lying on her bed will help motivate her to stay there. Once she is comfortable, get up and go sit on your furniture. If your dog follows or jumps up on your furniture, point to her bed and say a keyword, such as "bed" or "off." Once she has returned to her bed, reward her with a treat and return to your furniture. You must reinforce this several times before she understands she should not jump on your furniture.

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