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Am I putting my dog at risk of developing chronic diabetes by keeping him overweight?

Asked a year ago

My golden retriever has been a chunky boy since I got him. I try to keep him active, but he's unmotivated and appears bored. I'm concerned that if he continues to gain weight, he may develop canine diabetes from carrying the extra weight. Should I be concerned?

Aron Villanueva

Sunday, March 05, 2023

Overweight dogs are definitely at a higher risk of developing diabetes. The risk is even higher if your dog has also been diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder, has Cushing’s disease, or is taking steroids long-term.

To help your dog shed some pounds, make sure that you’re not overfeeding. Check recommended portion sizes, only feed high-quality food, and don’t overuse treats. Also, try introducing different forms of exercise. Your dog might be bored with regular walks but he might love hiking, swimming or agility training. If nothing helps, talk to a vet to rule out an underlying medical condition.

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