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Can my cat's hiding and isolating behavior indicate insect bite discomfort?

Asked a year ago

My wife recently adopted a Japanese bobtail, who has been a wonderful addition to our family. She's very athletic and likes to leap around our garden. She's been behaving strangely, she's been mostly quiet, and she often wants to hide even when we call. I'm anxious that something went wrong playing in the garden.

Dusty Atkins

Friday, March 03, 2023

Cats are known for isolation during times of stress and/or internal sickness. If you are able to, I would give her a good look over for any signs of infection or bites. Also something traumatic for her could have occurred in the garden causing this behavior. If you start to notice that she is not eating or wanting to use the bathroom, I would take her in to a veterinarian for further evaluation. They may recommend blood work or radiographs. If there is a potential bite wound from an insect, unfortunately, this can be hard to tell at times until your baby starts licking at the area of irritation.

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