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5 Best Pet Insurance for Multiple Pets in 2024: Dogs & Cats

Take care of your animal squad without breaking the bank

Diana Bocco - Writer for DailyTails
By Diana Bocco
Korana Braun - Editor for DailyTails
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Updated November 16, 2023.

Veterinarian examining two dogs in vet's surgery.

Having multiple pets is like hosting a never-ending party with furballs. Unfortunately, having more pets can indeed mean more expenses. With every additional pet that adds joy to your household, there's an increased likelihood of potential accidents or illnesses.

A recent report shows that something as simple as dealing with an animal with diabetes can cost about $300 for diagnosis plus up to $360 per year for treatment (for the rest of the animal's life). For conditions like cancer, you're looking at expenses of $5,000 or more.

Thankfully, finding the best pet insurance for multiple dogs or cats can be a lifesaver. In fact, peace of mind is one of the main reasons pet owners cite for signing up for pet insurance, according to a report by VetVoice.

When you compare pet insurance for multiple pets, you'll find a multitude of options tailored to your pets' needs. Whether you're considering accident and illness coverage, comprehensive coverage, or wellness plans, these insurances can be the safety net you need.

5 Best Multi Pet Insurance Providers in 2024

  • Best Accident Insurance for Multiple Pets - Fetch
  • Best Affordable Pet Insurance for Multiple Pets - Lemonade
  • Best Multi-Pet Insurance for Hereditary Conditions - Embrace
  • Best Senior Pet Insurance for Multiple Pets - Pumpkin
  • Best Multi-Pet Insurance for Wellness Care - MetLife
A vet performing a routine insurance-covered examination of a dog and a cat.

1. Best Accident Insurance for Multiple Pets: Fetch

Accidents and illnesses don't play favorites—and with a house full of pets, you may find unexpected health issues coming your way a lot more frequently. Add to that the ever-growing vet exam fees, and you're looking at a big hit on your bank account.

For example, imagine if one of your dogs develops a condition requiring lifelong medication or extensive physical therapy—the bills could pile up at an alarming rate.

Why We Picked It

What sets Fetch Pet Insurance apart is the ability to get each of your pets their own unique policy. While this means you'll be paying a separate premium for each pet, the advantage is that you can tailor each policy to the needs of that particular animal. You just need to ensure you use the same email address for all your policies so that tracking becomes a breeze.

What's even more enticing? Fetch doesn't require an enrollment fee upfront, and their coverage is comprehensive—surgery, rehabilitation, and emergency care are all included. For those with a multi-pet household, this broad coverage coupled with individualized policies makes Fetch an excellent choice.


  • Unique policy for each pet
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Includes holistic treatment options and sick exam fees


  • No accident-only plans or wellness coverage

2. Best Affordable Pet Insurance for Multiple Pets: Lemonade

Vet bills can pile up over a pet’s lifetime, with unexpected injuries and health conditions cropping up. When you have a home filled with furry friends, those expenses can quickly multiply—especially as each of your animal companions experiences their own medical needs. This is where affordable pet insurance for multiple pets makes a world of difference, reducing the cost of unexpected vet bills but also providing you with peace of mind.

Enter Lemonade Pet Insurance. They specialize in offering insurance policies tailored to the unique circumstances of each animal—their age, breed, and specific needs. To make the most of your policy with Lemonade, it’s important to lock in the coverage you need from the beginning, including the right reimbursement, annual limits, preventative packages, and any add-on packages. Always review your policy within the first two weeks after your purchase so you don’t have to wait until the policy renewal to make changes.

Why We Picked It

Lemonade offers individual policies for each pet but with an added bonus—you automatically receive a 5% multi-pet discount every time you add another pet, even if this happens months apart. If you’re looking for pet insurance that combines top-notch, comprehensive care with great value, especially for multiple pets, Lemonade is a great option.

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  • Affordable rates
  • 5% multi-pet discount with each pet
  • Best insurance for preventive care


  • Not available in all states

3. Best Multi-Pet Insurance for Hereditary Conditions: Embrace

Hereditary conditions are health issues passed from a parent to their offspring through genes. They come in many ways and forms, but they can all weigh heavy on your wallet.

Hereditary or genetic conditions in pets include:

  • Hip and elbow dysplasia
  • Allergies
  • Inherited cancers
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD)
  • Retinal Degeneration

If any of your furry best friends have a hereditary condition, choosing Embrace as your pet insurance provider is a great option.

Why We Picked It

With so many offers out there, finding the best all-inclusive pet insurance can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. Whether you’re looking for the best pet insurance for two dogs or the best pet insurance for two cats, Embrace Pet Insurance provides comprehensive coverage for hereditary and breed-specific issues without extra costs beyond the basic premium.

In addition, Embrace offers a 10% multiple-pet discount for policies covering two or more pets. If you live in a multi-pet household, Embrace can cover diagnostic testing, surgeries, and even rehabilitation for all your furry friends, saving you thousands in the process.

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  • Customizable plans
  • Offers coverage for hereditary, genetic, and breed-specific conditions
  • 10% discount for two or more pets


  • No coverage for prescription food or supplements

4. Best Senior Pet Insurance for Multiple Pets: Pumpkin

As our dogs and cats get older, potential health issues tend to grow more pronounced. And if you have a home with multiple older pets, things can quickly get very expensive. To avoid unpleasant surprises down the road, getting pet insurance for your older pets is always worth it, even if they haven't shown signs of serious health problems yet.

Why We Picked It

Pumpkin offers a 10% multi-pet discount for each additional fur family member you enroll. But Pumpkin Pet Insurance truly shines when it comes to helping senior pets. They offer no upper age limits for enrollment and no reduced coverage as your pets get older. Plus, their policies provide a 90% reimbursement on covered vet expenses, an important consideration when vet bills get high.

While Pumpkin Pet Insurance is an excellent choice for senior pets, it's also the best dog insurance for puppies. So, if you share a home with pets of different ages, Pumpkin can cover them all.


  • No upper age limits
  • 90% reimbursement
  • 10% discount for each additional pet


  • No coverage for most pre-existing conditions

5. Best Multi-Pet Insurance for Wellness Care: MetLife

Both regular wellness visits and annual check-ups play an important role in early disease detection. Catching early signs of a health issue will help your furry friends receive quick treatment and can save you money long-term.

Wellness visits are also the perfect time to open up a dialogue with your veterinarian about concerns or questions you may have. Are you worried about your pet's nutrition, or have you noticed specific new behaviors like aggression or lethargy? This is the time to ask questions.

Why We Picked It

In 2022, MetLife Pet Insurance was named "Pet Insurance of the Year," and for good reason. MetLife offers the unique option of covering up to three pets with a single deductible. The cost of the insurance is based on the breeds and ages of your pets, as well as any pre-existing conditions they may have.

MetLife also shines when it comes to wellness care. The company offers an Optional Preventive Care plan that covers routine veterinary care and protection against parasites, as well as an Optional Wellness Plan that can help with the cost of vaccinations and spaying or neutering.


  • Covers up to three pets with a single deductible
  • Offers Optional Preventive Care and Optional Wellness plans
  • No waiting period; accident coverage starts immediately


  • No sample policies on the website

Protect Your Furry Family With the Best Insurance Plan

Trying to navigate the many pet insurance options for a multi-pet household can feel daunting. Whether you’re worried about coverage for hereditary conditions or looking for the best insurance for your senior dogs, the perfect policy is out there. By comparing and weighing the many options available, you can find the right fit for your pet’s needs and your bank account.