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Lemonade vs Pets Best Pet Insurance: Pick the Best for Protection

Diana Bocco - Writer for DailyTails
By Diana Bocco
Milica Pešić
Edited by Milica Pešić

Published September 21, 2023.

A dog is being examined by the vet.

Caring for a dog or a cat isn’t always cheap—and vet bills are likely to be one of your most significant expenses over time. In fact, a recent Forbes survey found that veterinarian expenses are a major concern for pet owners—and that 28% of them couldn’t afford a $500 surprise vet bill without going into debt.

Because of this, the number of pets insured in the US has grown massively over the past few years. According to a survey by NAPHIA, the number of insured pets in the country has grown about 22% since 2018, reaching nearly 5 million in 2022.

But with so many insurance companies out there, how do you pick the best plan to match your needs? To help you make the best decision, we've put Pets Best vs. Lemonade under the microscope, comparing the two companies on the following points:

  • What they cover
  • Deductibles
  • Reimbursement

Lemonade vs. Pets Best Pet Insurance at a Glance

LemonadePets Best
Pets CoveredDogs and cats Dogs and cats
PlansOption of Accidents-only or Illness & Accidents packages; 3 preventive care packagesCoverage for Illness & Accidents; Wellness package
Add-Ons and Discounts5 different add-on plans available; 5% multi-pet discountNo add-ons available; 10% multi-pet discount
Deductibles$100 to $500$50 to $1,000; fixed $250 deductible for accident-only plan
Reimbursement70%, 80%, or 90%$50 to $1,000; fixed $250 deductible for accident-only plan

Lemonade vs. Pets Best: What They Cover

Although they both offer great coverage, Lemonade and Pets Best bring distinct offers to the table when it comes to pet insurance.


Are you curious about the quality of Lemonade as a pet insurance provider? We will provide you with all the necessary information, and it is up to you to determine if Lemonade Pet Insurance is worth considering. Rest assured, the process will not be difficult.

Let's answer some common questions asked about Lemonade:

  • Does Lemonade Pet Insurance Cover Pre-existing Conditions? From emergency care, surgery, and hospitalization to outpatient treatments, Lemonade ensures your pet is always covered. Like other insurance companies in the market, Lemonade Pet Insurance does not cover pre-existing conditions.
  • Does Lemonade Pet Insurance Cover Vaccines? Only if you sign up for one of their preventive packages. For example, with their Puppy/Kitten Preventative Care package add-on, your puppy or kitten is covered for up to 6 vaccines a year. Their Preventative Care and Preventative+ Care packages for adult animals both cover three vaccines per year.
  • Does Lemonade Pet Insurance Cover Neutering? Lemonade covers spaying and neutering under their Puppy/Kitten Preventative Care package only. The package covers microchipping as well.

Lemonade Pet Insurance also covers a wide range of diagnostic procedures and prescriptions, such as:

  • Diagnostic Procedures: A comprehensive range of diagnostic tests are covered, including bloodwork and urinalysis, as well as MRIs, X-rays, labwork, CT scans, and ultrasounds.
  • All Prescription Medication: All prescription medications (including injections) required to treat an accident or illness are covered by insurance.

A Lemonade pet policy goes beyond the basics by offering several packages to help prevent your pet from getting sick in the first place.

These packages cover:

  • Vaccinations
  • Annual blood test to detect health problems early
  • Yearly screening tests for parasites and heartworms
  • Dental cleanings
  • Access to vets through the Lemonade app

Besides comprehensive medical and preventive care, Lemonade also offers add-ons to cover end-of-life remembrance (euthanasia, cremation, commemorative items), dental care (tooth extractions, root canals, cleanings), physical therapy, and behavioral conditions.

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Pets Best

If you are asking yourself, "What does Pets Best Insurance cover?" you came to the right place.

Here are some common questions that can help you:

  • Is Pets Best Insurance Worth It? If you want peace of mind, this comprehensive accident and illness plan includes all exams, treatments, hospitalization, physical therapy, meds, and even euthanasia.
  • Does Pets Best Have an Accidents-Only Plan? If you’re more concerned about accidents and unexpected injuries, Pets Best emergency coverage includes trauma, getting hit by a car, bone fractures, poisoning, wounds, bites, and more.
  • Does Pets Best Cover Spaying? Pets Best offers two wellness plans: EssentialWellness and BestWellness. These packages pay a certain amount per year toward preventive care such as vaccines, dental care, spaying and neutering, microchipping, and preventive medications.

So, you might be thinking, does Pets Best require an exam for my fur friend? The good news is that Pets Best doesn't require a vet exam or your pet’s medical records before you sign up. Even better, because Pets Best offers a variety of insurance plans (waiting periods vary depending on the coverage you pick), you have a ton of flexibility to find what fits your needs.

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Lemonade vs. Pets Best: Deductibles

Lemonade and Pets Best bring attractive deductible structures catering to diverse needs.


Lemonade offers a fixed annual deductible, which means once you've met that amount for the year, your coverage kicks in for any future expenses. And with deductibles ranging from $100 to $500, you have plenty of options to balance upfront costs and monthly premiums.

Pets Best

Pets Best tailors their deductibles to the type of coverage you pick, so you can easily control your out-of-pocket expenses. For example, their comprehensive accident + illness plan allows you to choose from six deductible options, ranging from $50 to $1,000.

If you're going for their accident-only plan, you’ll pay a fixed $250 deductible. On the other hand, their wellness plans come with no deductible.

Lemonade vs. Pets Best: Reimbursement

Lemonade and Pets Best both operate on the same reimbursement model: you pay for treatment at the vet and then submit a claim to receive money back.


Wondering how to file a claim with Lemonade Pet Insurance? Making a claim with Lemonade is as easy as it gets. You can file for reimbursement directly through their app—upload the vet's invoice, provide a detailed description of your pet’s health problems, and attach a receipt.

The reimbursement rate is 70%, 80%, or 90%, depending on your coverage plan. Once Lemonade reviews your claim, the funds will be quickly sent to your bank account.

Pets Best

Pets Best also offers 70%, 80%, or 90% reimbursement rates. However, Pets Best is more likely to require medical records if a claim seems confusing or complicated. This can sometimes delay your reimbursement.

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Which One Should You Pick: Lemonade or Pets Best Insurance?

There are many pet insurance options out there, each with their own merit. With Lemonade, however, you can get their great app and solid coverage that includes even non-medical situations such as behavioral issues. Also, Lemonade's waiting period for accidents is just two days—so your pet can be protected immediately.

For those of you wondering if Lemonade is a good pet insurance, their features speak for themselves.