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Can I Still Get Cat Insurance for a Cat with FIV?

Can you get cat insurance for a cat with FIV? Discover the options available for FIV-positive cats and the importance of finding the right insurance plan.

Lauren Lee - Writer for DailyTails
By Lauren Lee
Davor Štefanović - Editor for DailyTails
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Published April 28, 2023.

Feline Immunodeficiency Virus, or FIV, is an illness that damages a cat's white blood cells, which defend against infection. FIV weakens a cat's immune system, making it easier for them to catch other diseases.

With extra attention to their health needs, a cat diagnosed with FIV can live a happy and full life. The virus moves slowly through a cat's system, so they can often go for years without exhibiting symptoms.

FIV symptoms include:

  • Poor coat condition
  • Frequent eye inflammation
  • Runny nose
  • Lack of appetite
  • Diarrhea
  • Recurrent infections (usually in the skin, eyes, bladder, or upper respiratory tract)

A blood test is required to diagnose FIV. If you have pet insurance, take your cat to the vet and submit the bill to your carrier. If you don't have pet insurance and wonder if you can still buy a policy, the answer is yes. Some insurance carriers accept pets of any age. However, most pet insurance policies do not cover pre-existing conditions, so you should inform the insurance company if your cat has FIV.

FIV Diagnosis and Treatment

Blood tests are needed to definitively diagnose FIV. Checking for symptoms is usually part of your cat's annual check-up. Testing pregnant cats is essential since they can pass the virus to their kittens. Cats cannot transmit FIV to humans, but they can infect other cats.

Treatment options include:

  • Medications for any secondary infections
  • A nutrient-dense, high-quality food
  • Fluid and electrolyte replacement therapy
  • Drugs to reduce inflammation and boost immunity
  • Parasite control
  • Routine lab testing and blood work

Finding the Right Insurance for Your FIV-Positive Cat

Whether your cat is a new kitten or an older outdoor adventurer, find a health insurance plan that meets your furry friend's needs. MetLife's pet insurance has cat insurance policies to meet every budget. They offer plans for cats of all ages, including senior cats. Plans cover diagnostic tests, ultrasounds, X-rays, and chronic and hereditary conditions.

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