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Should I be concerned that my cat has atopy if he continues to scratch excessively?

Asked a year ago

I've recently begun gardening and am attempting to beautify my surroundings by planting flowers. Unfortunately, I've noticed that my cat is having difficulty adapting to my new hobby. He's scratching himself excessively, as if he has a constant itch, and he can't stop licking his paws. I looked into what's causing this and I'm unsure what's going on.

Tyler Pugh

Thursday, March 09, 2023

It sounds like your cat suffers from an allergy. The top four types of allergies are reactions to fleas, environmental allergens, food, and contact allergies. Because you have been spending more time outdoors, there is a high likelihood that your cat has Atopy (environmental allergies). Because environmental allergies are difficult to control without medical intervention, consult your veterinarian to help determine the cause and the best course of action.

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