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Why Are Male Cats More Expensive to Insure Than Female Cats?

Why do male cats cost more to insure? Learn about the gender disparity in cat insurance costs and discover how to get the best coverage for your pet.

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By Lauren Lee
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Updated July 17, 2023.

Did you know that insuring a male cat could cost you more than insuring a female one? It's a little-known fact that has left many cat owners scratching their heads.

According to Banfield Pet Hospital, average vet care services for cats can range from $131.28 to $410, depending on your location and your cat's needs. These costs typically cover routine services such as annual checkups, spay and neuter procedures, dental cleanings, and euthanasia. However, if your cat falls ill, vet bills can quickly escalate into the hundreds or even thousands.

Pet insurance can help cover these costly vet bills, ensuring your cat receives the best care possible.

The Cat Insurance Gender Gap

If you've been comparing pet insurance policies, you may have noticed that male cats are more expensive to insure than female cats. This is due to the statistically higher risk of health issues in males, while female cats tend to be more resilient, resulting in fewer claims filed for females.

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The Higher Risks Associated with Insuring Male Cats

Male cats are at a higher risk for accidents and illnesses. They tend to get into more fights, leading to more injuries. Additionally, male cats are much more likely to suffer a urinary blockage, which can result in frequent and costly trips to the vet.

Because of these increased health risks, pet insurance companies don't take into account whether a male cat is neutered or lives indoors. According to insurance calculations, all male cats are considered "higher risk."

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Ensuring the Best Care for Your Cat, Regardless of Gender

Don't let finances dictate your cat's treatment. A pet insurance policy can cover your cat's medical care, allowing you to focus on their recovery rather than the cost. Be sure to choose a pet care coverage that offers insurance plans regardless of the gender of your furry friend.

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