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Will my dog develop respiratory problems if he remains overweight for an extended period of time?

Asked a year ago

My brother got me an English bulldog to accompany me to my therapy sessions. I like how gentle and kind he is despite his chubbiness. I try to take him for walks as often as possible, but he doesn't go far and gets tired quickly. I'm concerned that his weight will cause him breathing problems in the future.

Ean Carey

Friday, March 03, 2023

There is a slight possibility, but unlikely. Of course keeping him at an ideal weight is important. I would have him evaluated by a veterinarian to determine his body condition score( this determines how overweight he is) so that they can recommend to you what foods he should eat along with his calorie intake. Bulldogs also are considered brachycephalic (shorter nasal passage) which unfortunately causes them to have a harder time breathing. His veterinarian may also recommend a surgery called stenotic nares, to open his nasal passages for better breathing.

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