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Should I be worried that my dog has hyperthyroidism if she gains weight inexplicably?

Asked a year ago

My Dachshund has been gaining weight inexplicably, and he's becoming obese for his breed. I'm anxious about his health because he hasn't changed his appetite or eaten larger portions. I'm particularly worried that it has something to do with his hormonal balance.

Tyler Pugh

Saturday, March 04, 2023

Many things can cause a dog to gain weight. Weight gain can certainly be the result of a thyroid problem, but the issue is usually hypothyroidism (which slows down metabolism and increases appetite), not hyperthyroidism. If your dog has hypothyroidism, you’ll also notice other symptoms, such as lethargy, dry and thinning hair, and cold intolerance.

But weight gain can also be behind other medical conditions, including Cushing’s Disease, parasites, bloat, fluid retention due to heart or kidney disease, and diabetes mellitus. Always book an appointment with your vet if you notice unexplained weight gain in your dog.

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