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Should I be concerned that my dog has kennel cough if he develops a hacking cough?

Asked a year ago

I usually check in my dog at doggy day care when I leave for work. He's been acting strangely at home lately, with this odd cough that sounds like he's choking, which is alarming. My brother wants it checked out, but I'm concerned that it could be something serious that will be very costly to treat.

Benjamin Huynh

Friday, March 03, 2023

There is a possibility of kennel cough, since your baby is going to doggy day care, this unfortunately is very common. Notate any nasal discharge along with eye discharge as well (even if it is clear). At times dogs can also develop allergies as well, but based on his life style it sounds like it is kennel cough. I would recommend him being seen by his veterinarian for proper medications to get him feeling better!

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