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Should I be concerned about canine arthritis if my dog exhibits symptoms of stiffness?

Asked a year ago

My German shepherd has been acting strangely recently. He is usually sociable and enjoys playing with my children around the house. I've noticed that he's becoming more stiff; even when he stretches, he's still rigid with his movements and takes his time getting up from the couch. This year marks his sixth birthday, and I'm concerned about arthritis.

Gavyn Fowler

Friday, March 03, 2023

German Shepherds are susceptible to arthritis and hip dysplasia. If you have not done so already, I would get him started on glucosamines, which are a joint supplement, depending on your veterinarian, they may recommend specific brands. Also depending on the food you are feeding, I would recommend feeding him food that are large breed specific and for his age range (these specific foods will have all the needs for him (look for a abbreviation on the food bag "AAFCO")). It may also be a good idea at some point in his life to have him anesthetized for radiographs to have his hips evaluated, to make sure everything appears in tip top shape!

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