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Could excessive scratching in cats be a sign of an allergic reaction?

Asked a year ago

My family and I recently moved to our new home, and we adore the garden. However, my cat has been acting strangely; whenever I leave him alone, he begins scratching obsessively. I'm thinking it's an allergic reaction, especially when the flowers are in bloom.

Angelo Petty

Friday, March 03, 2023

There can be a number of reasons for cats to scratch. This could be allergy related, anxiety, fleas, or any other skin related conditions. I would first check your cat for any signs of fleas or scabbing, especially around the neck and hindquarters area. You can also try bathing your cat in a soothing type of shampoo (of course if he allows) to see if that helps with the scratching. Since you have moved into a new home, he could also be allergic to any new carpeting or as you said the garden. If he allows, try to keep him indoors for about a week to see if there are any changes in the scratching.

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