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Can whimpering when being touched be a sign of internal injuries in a dog?

Asked a year ago

I recently adopted a Rottweiler. However, he has been acting strangely lately; whenever I try to play with him or handle him, he whimpers and whines in pain. I looked for cuts and bite wounds on him but couldn't find any. I suspect something went wrong while he was playing at the dog park. Any advice?

Frederic Dickerson

Sunday, March 05, 2023

Internal injuries tend to be emergencies. They are usually caused by trauma, like being hit by a car, big falls, or getting into a major dog fight. And while whimpering could be a sign of an internal injury, you should also be seeing other worrying symptoms, such as shock, coughing up blood, and a rapid heartbeat if this was the case.

If your dog is showing signs of pain when touched, he could be ill and should see a vet. Many conditions –such as pancreatitis, back pain, muscle spasms, or even an infection– can cause this type of pain.

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