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Is it possible that my cat's limping is induced by a ripped or broken nail?

Asked a year ago

My girlfriend recently adopted a cat, and she's been a fantastic addition to our home. She's quite athletic and enjoys leaping around the apartment. She's been acting strangely, she's mostly quiet, and she frequently limps on her left front paw. I'm concerned that something's wrong.

Aron Villanueva

Friday, March 03, 2023

If your cat allows you, I would of course examine her paw for any open wounds, broken nails, or embedded nails. There are great youtube video tutorials that will show you how to properly press on your cats paws to have the nails extracted. Also cats can have a tendency of over licking there paw(s), if there is something stuck in it or after a stress related event. I would also (if she allows you) to evaluate the inside of her toes for evidence of over-licking or brown staining (depending on the color of your cat). With her being energetic, there is also a possibility that she could have tweaked her paw or leg wrong. I would recommend cage rest until you are able to get her seen and evaluate her paw.

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