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Why does my dog pull on the leash during walks and how can I stop it?

Asked a year ago

He always pulls on the leash without fail - until he is so tired from our run/walk. I want him to be relaxed ad only run when we start running together but nothing I do works. Why do they do this and how can I get him to stop pulling?

Ryan Hoover

Wednesday, March 29, 2023

I would recommend using a gentle leader type of collar. A gentle leader is a strap that goes around the dog's muzzle and then attached to the leash. This will give you more control to redirect his attention when he is getting excited. When he pulls while you are using the gentle leader, you tug a little to get his attention, common that he sits and waits, when he listens, reward him with a treat. Continue this process until he learns that pulling is not okay.

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